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To Learn To be Happy

Publish:Shenzhen Toprex Festival Decoration Co., Ltd  Time:2017-07-21
  In order to better implement lean management, improve operational skills and expand working ideas, Toprex Festival Decoration managers to go to TAPARTNER for a four-day training course from July 21 to July 24, 2017.
  The main content of this study is to improve the management ability of managers. On the morning of the 15th, under the leadership of sales director Shirley Xu, a four-day closed learning began. Throughout the learning process, our supervisors are disciplined, conscientious and open-minded, showing a good spiritual outlook.
  Through this training and learning, we have benefited a lot. Not only improved their cognitive and operational abilities, but also broadened the thinking of on-site lean management. At the same time, they received a lot of inspiration and learned new methods. We will develop our strengths to complement our weaknesses and make continuous improvements, so as to improve work efficiency, enhance the overall image of the company, and promote the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise!
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