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Love the children, Love our society

Publish:Shenzhen Toprex Festival Decoration Co., Ltd  Time:2017-10-17

  On October 17th, the visit to the school activities initiated by the WheatField Plan was held as scheduled with the support of all walks of life. The event aims to send books and other study materials to needy children to enrich their horizons and increase their knowledge. As an activist, Toprex Festival Decoration continues to actively participate in the public welfare and contribute to the improvement of the educational environment for children in poor mountain areas in China.

  After nearly three hours of mountain road bumps, Toprex Festival Decoration came to Heyuan Qiangxin Primary School in the afternoon. The children have come to the school early to prepare for the afternoon class. Toprex Festival Decoration and the volunteers distributed books and other materials to the children, and played games and learned with the children.

  On the 18th, Toprex Festival Decoration and the volunteers continued to carry out various educational activities to enrich the children‘s knowledge. Everyone can‘t forget the clear and excited eyes of the children, they were very happy. When they left in the afternoon, everyone was reluctant. Give a little meager strength for the cause of public welfare, that happiness comes not only from the children, but also from the inner needs, Toprex Festival Decoration also affects and enhances itself while doing public welfare!


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