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Walk for teenagers

Publish:Shenzhen Toprex Festival Decoration Co., Ltd  Time:2018-05-20
  520, a day full of love in the air, on this day, the couples give each other gifts to show their love, relatives, friends also gathered together for love confession. Toprex Festival Decoration have done a very big love thing on this day - to walk for love, walk together warmly!
  On May 20th, Aixing—around Xili Lake, a 20-kilometer walking charity, sponsored by the Guangdong Wheatfield Education Foundation, was held as scheduled with the support of all walks of life. As an activist, Toprex Festival Decoration continues to actively participate in the public welfare, use its actions to contribute to the improvement of the educational environment for children in poor mountain areas in China.
  After deducting the basic cost of the activity, the remaining donated funds are all used for the Mountain Children’s City Summer Camp project. We hope that while alleviating the difficulties of children‘s learning and life, they also have the opportunity to experience the urban life style and the scientific and technological innovation, so that they can feel more warmth and encouragement form the world, so that the young mind can understand love and gratitude.
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